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面對面 - Face to Face

廖冠瑄, 羅曉琳, 柯詠綺, 李秉潔 - Liao,Kuan-Hsuan, Lor Hiu Lam, Liao,Kuan-Hsuan, Li,Ping-Chieh

本故事主角沉迷於手機的世界,不理會其他事情。父母終於忍受不了,決定漠視他,男主發現後決定主動挽回親子關係,為母親做一件事,沒想到卻因此引發了衝突…… - The protagonist of this story is addicted to his phone and always ignored the others. His parents couldn't bear to ignore him. After the protagonist discover that his parents ignored him, he decided to save the relationship and do something for his mother. Unexpectedly, it caused a conflict...