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國立臺中科技大學 室內設計系 IN2.0 畢業設計展 - National Taichung University of Science and Technology Interior Design IN2.0 Graduation Design Exhibition


國立臺中科技大學 室內設計系

In to 有進入的意思,2.0 有全新的意思。 在畢業後我們即將走入人生的下一個階段,踏入另一個不同的世界與生活圈。藉由這次展覽,不但可以有一個展示畢業成果和才華的平台,更是一個展現自己、探索未來的機會。當與來自不同校園的人們交流時,互相了解對方對自己的作品看法以及從中汲取靈感和經驗,使視野拓展到更廣闊的領域,並且也可能吸引許多設計專業人士、業界人士等,幫助自己在畢業後更容易融入職場,利於日後的事業發展。 而這場展覽讓我們在這四年來在學校的學習與成長,將以自我的詮釋展現出全新的面貌,使這個機會成為人生中的一個重要里程碑,當看到彼此的心血作品,也能一起回憶過去,將這些刻骨銘心的往事與過程保留在心底,再一同展望未來,希冀大家都能找到2.0的自己。 "Into 2.0" means entering a new stage or a new phase. After graduation, we are about to enter the next stage of our lives, stepping into a different world and community. Through this exhibition, not only can you have a platform to demonstrate your graduation achievements and talents, but also an opportunity to reveal yourself and explore the future. When communicating with people from different campuses, you can understand each other's views on your own works and to absorb inspiration or experience from them, thus expanding your horizons to a wider field. It may also attract many professionals from the design industry to help you integrate into the workforce more easily, which is conducive to your future career development. This opportunity will become an important milestone in life. It provides an opportunity to display a whole new interpretation of our growth during the past four years. As we admire each other's creations, we can also reminisce about the past, keep these memorable experiences in our hearts, and together look forward to the future. Hope everyone can find the 2.0 version of themselves.

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