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Dawn Club黎明俱樂部–成大工設112級畢業設計展 - Dawn Club–National Cheng Kung University Industrial Design Graduation Project


國立成功大學 工業設計學系

「Dawn Club黎明俱樂部」是思想碰撞與設計能量的集會所,我們相信所有的創造力都誕生於在黑暗中的摸索,經由各種想法的流動和迭代才能迎向黎明。 作品主題涵蓋產品體驗可能性、人類感受與互動探索、社會問題與新生活型態等等。邀請您與我們在這個設計饗宴一同狂歡,體驗設計的無限可能。 Dawn Club gathers all kinds of ideas and design energy. We believe that creativity is born in the darkness, through the exploration and iteration of various ideas that ultimately lead to a breakthrough at dawn. The works' topics include product experience possibilities, exploration of human feelings and interaction, social issues, and new lifestyles. We sincerely invite you to join us in this design feast to experience the infinite possibilities of design.

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