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明志科技大學 視覺傳達設計系 2023畢業展 _ a part of_ - Ming Chi University of Technology graduation exhibition key visual _ a part of_


明志科技大學 視覺傳達設計系

以「a part of」為主視覺的名稱,來詮釋每一個「個體」都是地球、家庭、設計、生活、社會與文化的一部分,透過單一幾何形體的解構與重組,表達出個體的重要性及群體的多樣性。 Using ”a part of“ as the main visual name, to interpret that each individual is a part of the Earth, Family, Design, Life, Society, and Culture. Through the deconstruction and recombination of a single geometric form, it expresses the importance of the individual and the diversity of the group.

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