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「狗的魅力在於牠們的深厚情誼與人類之間的強烈精神性維繫」,牠們雖然不是人類但卻足夠像人類一樣,賦予我們一種強烈的親屬感,而在不當飼養與棄養的狀況下,許多「寵物」淪落為「流浪動物」,牠們也從城市風景的一部分,變成具威脅性的城市有害物;生命便在社會集體的遺忘中快速地消逝。 毛孩帶來歡樂與溫暖可促進身體產生催產素、血清素、多巴胺等「快樂激素」,如何以人狗之間特殊的依附關係重新定位狗的存在,為他們與我們建造一個互相了解、相互療癒的靈魂庇護所,在這裡他們與人類互相了解變得更親人、更社會化,人也在與毛孩相處過程中,釋放在社會累積的情緒壓力。 “The charm of dogs lies in their deep friendship with the strong spiritual bond between humans”, although they are not human but like humans, giving us a strong sense of kinship, and in the case of improper breeding and abandonment, many “pets” are reduced to “stray animals”, they also change from part of the urban landscape to threatening urban harmful substances; life disappears rapidly in the collective oblivion of society. Bringing joy and warmth to hairy children can promote the body to pro-duce “happy hormones” such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. How to reposition the existence of dogs with the special attachment re-lationship between humans and dogs, build a soul shelter for them to understand and heal each other with us, where they and humans under-stand each other and become more loved and socialized, and people also release the emotional pressure accumulated in society in the process of getting along with hairy children.