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一天到早 - DAY BY DAY


銘傳大學 數位媒體設計學系

為了呈現完美的作品,一天恨不得用成兩天,我們沐浴在點點繁星照耀的夜,不知不覺迎來穿透雲層的曙光。 20屆銘傳大學數位媒體設計學系在「一天到早」展覽中帶著由太陽、雲朵、星星組成的戰隊登場!與展出的47件作品一起穿越時間的洪流,從無數個黑夜跨越到無數個黎明,見證了作品從零到有的每個瞬間。 一天過去了,又是個新的早晨,我們的熱忱永不熄滅。 Pushing through all-nighters and basking in the starry night, we condensed two days of work into one in order to present the perfect project. Welcome to the 20th Senior Project DAY BY DAY, brought to you by the Department of Digital Media Design at Ming Chuan University. We are a team of creators who embody the power of the sun, clouds, and stars. Explore time and space with our 47 projects, and witness the countless hours of dedication we poured into each frame. As each new day dawns, our passion never fades.

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