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銘傳大學 數位媒體設計學系

現代社會日益精進,我們運用各種方式接受訊息,進而影響思緒與行動,在資訊衝擊下,因為接收到的訊息不同而做出變化。新媒體則增強了傳播者與接收者之間的互動性,人與人之間的關係又充斥著不同的影響。我們以數位媒體為起點,藉由主題「WAIT!我們之間」來探討影響力環環相扣的重要性。 藉由驚嘆號的視覺張力與標題「WAIT!」來影響快時代下的人們停下腳步, 發覺並思考彼此之間無形的影響力。利用數位媒體的媒介,展現每位同學作品中的影響力,將言語化為影像,去喚醒觀展者的意識,並在我們的影響力下可以審視自己和回饋社會。 As modern society progresses day by day, we influence our thoughts and actions by receiving information in all kinds of ways. Under the impact of information, people make changes due to different messages they received. New media enhances the interaction between communicators and receivers. Relations between people are full of different influences. Starting with digital media, we explore the significance of interlocking influences. In this fast-paced era, we make people stop by using the visual tension of the exclamation mark and our title "WAIT!", to discover and think about the unseen influence between all of us. We use digital media as an intermediary to showcase the influence of our works, visualizing our thoughts to awaken the awareness of viewers, and examine ourselves in order to contribute to society.

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