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微觀共創 - Micro Co-creation


嶺東科技大學 創意產品設計系

「微觀」即是「宏觀」 設計中需要有寬宏的視野以及體察到大環境潮流的敏銳度,我們拿著放大鏡去觀察摸索,是洞察分析的關鍵,透過縝密思辯一步步延伸,碰撞出不同的可能性。 創作不單是物質與形式上的存在,而是經歷過無數次的深入與反思,不同的想法與見解不斷交織並賦予其靈魂,將作品最完整的一面詮釋在大眾眼前。 'Micro' means' macro ' In design, it is necessary to have a broad perspective and sensitivity to the trend of the overall environment. We use a magnifying glass to observe and explore, which is the key to insight analysis. Through careful thinking, we gradually extend and collide with different possibilities. Creation is not just a matter and form of existence, but has undergone countless in-depth and reflective experiences, with different ideas and insights constantly intertwined and endowed with a soul, interpreting the most complete aspect of the work in front of the public.

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