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作品名稱 Title: 遇見的偶然_前後巷的搭接生活的寫入 Rewrite Alley_Write on the Alley's Life 指導老師 Adviser: 陳志宏 基地位置 Location: 金門/后浦南門街 Houpu/Kinmen 作品介紹 Description: 「連綿的城市」現代城市的廣袤是城市向外擴張的結果將殘餘推擠到邊緣談中 「隱匿的城市」是被忽視的地方 是想像看不見的絲線穿透綑綁意想不到的人事物的組合----看不見的城市 隨著城市的擴張,曾經的前巷漸漸轉變成被遺忘的後巷。我思考著透過建築的置入能擾動原本的空間日常,試圖以路徑的轉換創造日常生活的偶遇。 在導入建築物件件的過程中,我想像了空間架構所需的元素,以此建構出所需的空間部件,嘗試在原本的路徑中置入,形成日常經驗的新想像。 我企圖讓親身參與的空間,藉著可隨意組合的段落,引發每個人不同的生活觀感,詮釋城市日常生活的切片。 在介入日常生活經驗的過程中,我透過空間架構的重新剪輯,重新賦予空間序列的新想像,藉由空間序列的抽換,編織出意想不到的新路徑,去創造偶然的相遇。 在南門街中,我在城市的空白中填入居住空間 展覽 餐廳 酒吧......,讓日常生活中的路徑產生意想不到的交集,如同生活的寫入! With the expansion of the city, the former front alley gradually transformed into a forgotten back alley. I am thinking about disturbing the original space and daily life through the placement of buildings, and trying to create daily encounters through the conversion of paths. "Continuous City" The vastness of the modern city is the result of the outward expansion of the city, pushing the remnants to the edge "Hidden City" It’s the neglected place, it’s the imagination that the invisible thread penetrates and binds the combination of unexpected people and things-the invisible city I try to let the space where I personally participate, through the freely combinable paragraphs, arouse everyone's different perceptions of life and interpret the slices of daily life in the city. In the process of intervening in the daily life experience, I re-edited the spatial structure to give a new imagination of the spatial sequence. Through the exchange of the spatial sequence, we weave unexpected new paths to create accidental encounters. Through thinking about the perception in different paths, I try to interpret the daily life in the streets with three speed states, stopping, walking, and running. With the elements extracted from the city, they are translated and reconstituted into objects and refilled in the city. Corresponding to different functions. At different street nodes, we put up fragments of different rhythms, trying to make people perceive the daily life of the street. In Nanmen Street, I filled the blanks of the city with living spaces, exhibitions, restaurants, bars..., so that the paths in daily life have unexpected intersections, just like the writing of life!