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作品名稱 Title: 蒼海痕跡_事件。空間。紀錄 Traces of Sea_Incident - Space - Documentary 指導老師 Adviser: 郭芷瑜 基地位置 Location: 金門/馬山與官澳之間 Mashan Observation Post—/Kinmen Guanao 作品介紹 Description: 海,是聯繫金門島內與島外的橋梁。 海,是阻隔金門島內與島外的介質。 海,是保障金門島內與島外的屏障。 海,是威脅金門島內與島外的存在。 海,是見證金門島內與島外歷史的參與者。 人對於海的定位一直因為事件不斷的改變。 基地的挑選: 我想挑選的基地是一座可以連接金門人與海最遠與最近的一塊海岸地。藉由金門古地圖加上歷史事件的參考,得出了金門的沙美與料羅一帶是金門自古以來的交通節點,而國共內戰改變了沙美人與海的關係,人不再親近海。位於離中國廈門最近的馬山成為了監測敵方的觀測所,遙視著對海一方,看的見卻碰不著,我將此定位為金門人與海最遠的距離。在一旁的官澳聚落為金門三大古老聚落,其中官澳的澳更是代表著是一個港口,我將此定位為金門人與海最近的距離。而可以連通兩地的月牙型海灣成為了我的基地。 基地介紹: 位於國家公園第二類特別景觀區,需要被低度開發,所以將基地的機能設立為地景公園。基地位於金門最東北角並且北面為海岸,需要注意北風,以及有91個鬼條砦佇立在外圍海岸。 設計手法: 自然—過去、建築物—現在、構造物—未來,這三者為我設計的三大面向,自然如同海洋與構造物是歷史事件的見證及參與者,因此我主要保留。建築物為現今我們創造出來的價值觀,現今沒有任何歷史事件去介入,建築物主要意象為人們靠近海的天性,建築物為基地內的機能、服務空間。構造物有著可更替的特性,人們對於歷史的註解會因為時間還變動,構造物為基地主要的體驗空間,去了解過去的歷史事件。 Sea is the bridge of Kinmen’s island Sea is the block of Kinmen’s island Sea is the safeguard of Kinmen’s island Sea is the threat of Kinmen’s island Sea is the witness of Kinmen’s history People name Sea has been constantly changing due to events Site selection: The site that I want to choose is a piece of coast that can connect the people of Kinmen to the sea at the farthest and the nearest distance. Based on the ancient map of Kinmen and the reference of historical events, it is concluded that the area of ​​Shamei and LiaoLuo in Kinmen has been the transportation node of Kinmen since ancient times. The civil war between the Nationalist Party of China and the Communist Party changed the relationship between the Shamei people and the sea, and people no longer get close to the sea. Mashan, which is the closest to Xiamen, China, has become an observatory for monitoring the enemy. It looks at the opposite side of the sea, but can't touch it. For the farthest distance between the Kinmen people and the sea. The Guan'ao settlement on the side is the three ancient settlements in Kinmen. Among them, Guan'ao’s 澳 represents a port. As the closest distance between the people of Kinmen and the sea. So, the crescent-shaped bay that can connect the two places has become my base. Site Introduction The site is located on the second type of special landscape area in the national park. It needs to be developed at a low level, so I set the function of the site as a landscaped park. The site is located on the northeast corner of Kinmen and the north of the coast. It is necessary to pay attention to the north wind, and there are 91 old rail tracks are standing on the outer coast. Design Method: Nature in the past, buildings in the present, and structures in the future. There are three major aspects that I used to design. Nature, like the ocean and structures, are witnesses and participants of historical events, so I mainly keep them. Buildings are values ​​created by us today. There is no historical event to intervene. The main image of buildings is the nature of people to close to the sea, then buildings are the functional and service spaces on the site. Structures have the characteristics of being replaceable. People's annotations to history will change due to time. The structures are the main experience area for the user to understand past historical events.