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作品名稱 Title: 記憶的另一種方式_宜蘭戲院的回歸 Another Way to Remember_Kinmen New Immigrants Center 指導老師 Adviser: 洪仰政 基地位置 Location: 宜蘭/舊城區 Old Town/ Yilan 作品介紹 Description: 「人們在生活裡遺忘,也在遺忘裡重新記憶。」 「後花園」、「鄉下」,離開宜蘭,總是聽到旁人這樣稱呼,而其中的城區更是剩老、擁擠概括,而這裡的人愛這裡、想反駁,卻現自己也好想不那麼不了解這裡,這幾年人們更是因為在城內拆除、遺棄,逐漸失去和脈絡的連結,這個矛盾是我設計的源頭,希望藉由釐清這個矛盾,讓人發覺到當地的價值,透過這樣的提案可讓人們重新注意裡,對城不再是片面的、單一的認識,也可以開始想像發生在身邊的美好生活。 基地選在宜蘭火車站附近的「宜蘭戲院」利用族群交的路徑和本身的歷史價值,這裡像是索引,作為彼此在城內的切入點。再針對不同族群分析需求,置入複合式的機能,讓人開始了解舊城,並且願意更深入挖城中的故事,同時也使別具意義的舊建築到人們生活中,中央樓梯串起不同人群間的關係,端點對上共榮與舊場所的精神。 "People forget in life, and they re-remember in forgetting." "Back garden" and "countryside", when I leave Yilan, I always hear other people call it this way, and the urban area is even more old and crowded. People here love it and want to refute, but they feel that they don't think so. Understand this. In the past few years, people have gradually lost their connection with the context because of demolishing and abandoning in the city. This contradiction is the source of my design. I hope that by clarifying this contradiction, people can discover the local value. Through this The proposal can make people pay attention to the city again, and they can no longer have a one-sided and single understanding of the city, and they can also start to imagine the beautiful life happening around them. The "Yilan Theater" selected as the base near the Yilan Railway Station uses the path of ethnic intercourse and its own historical value. This is like an index and serves as an entry point for each other in the city. Then analyze the needs of different ethnic groups and put in compound functions to make people start to understand the old city, and are willing to dig deeper into the story of the city, and at the same time make the old buildings of special significance into people’s lives, and the central staircase connects different groups of people. The relationship between the end points to the spirit of co-prosperity and the old place.