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作品名稱 Title: K63+459_內壢車站與周遭規劃設計 K63+459_Neili Railway Station and Surrounding Planning Design 指導老師 Adviser: 洪仰政 基地位置 Location: 桃園/內壢 Neili/Taoyuan 作品介紹 Description: 交通變革下的記憶點 工業革命後掀起的交通工具變革,從人力、獸力到機械、蒸氣進而到油汽、電力,又從個人交通工具到大眾運輸交通工具,交通工具的演進已不在只於交通工具本身。在現代化的都市中,交通工程的演進也同時記錄著城市的發展痕跡。而在目前交通工程的更新計畫中,往往缺乏對於「曾經的城市發展」的思考與探討,更多的是對於交通工具的主觀印象與偏見,進而打造專屬於台灣交通種姓制度下的交通網路。 當乘載著城市發展軌跡的交通設施,將面臨因更新與擴大而帶來的記憶消逝。當都市計畫不再思考交通工具,曾經市井小民遮風避雨的場所、過路旅客的記憶節點,也將隨之而去,遺忘在這個時代。 複層交通系統的編織 最先思考的是在重大的交通改革下,該如何延續書寫鐵路在城市中紀錄的故事。騰空後的原鐵道空間將改為平面道路,百年來受鐵路分隔製造的前後站發展落差該以何種方式縫合,目前桃園市政府尚未對此做出明確規劃方向。 「騰空路廊綠色廊帶」為桃園市政府提出之騰空鐵路利用計畫,但目前計畫內容還屬初步公展版本,「騰空路廊綠色廊帶」也具有可規劃保留局部原鐵道之機會。希望透過新的帶狀綠帶、園道、車道融合,能夠作為新的都市羊腸線,縫合歷史、交通、前後站發展與人。   「而我想做的即是交通變革下的城市記憶點。在這個改變中的城市,以記錄著時代的鐵路繼續記錄著。」 The Memory Points of the Traffic Revolutions After the industrial revolution, power source of the transportation transforms from manpower and animal power to machinery and steam power then gas and electricity. Afterwards, from transportation transforms personal to mass, the evolution of transportation is no longer limited to transportation itself. In a modern city, the evolution of traffic engineering also records the traces of urban development. In the current traffic engineering renewal plan, there is often a lack of thinking and discussion on "The past of urban development", and more subjective impressions and prejudices about the means of transportation, so as to create a transportation network exclusively under "Taiwan caste transportation system " . When the transportation facilities that carry the urban development trajectory facing the disappearance of memories due to renewal and expansion. When urban planning no longer thinks about the means of transportation, the places that used to be sheltered from the wind and rain and the memory nodes of passing passengers will also go away and be forgotten in this era. Weaving of Multi-layer Transportation System The first thing to think about is how to continue the story of the railway record in the city under the major transportation reform. After vacated the original railway space will be converted to flat roads. The way in which the development gaps between the front and rear stations that have been separated by railways over the past century should be stitched together, the Taoyuan City Government has not yet made a clear plan for this. The "Vacant Corridor Green Corridor" is a plan for the utilization of the vacant railway proposed by the Taoyuan City Government, but the current plan is still in the preliminary public exhibition version. The "Vacant Corridor Green Corridor" also has the opportunity to plan to retain some of the original railway. . It is hoped that through the integration of new green belts, garden roads, and lanes, it can be used as a new urban catgut, stitching history, traffic, front and rear station development and people.    "And what I want to do is to remember the city under the change of transportation. In this changing city, continuously record with the railway that records the times ."