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作品名稱 Title: 戒_新冠肺炎武漢華南海鮮市場改造設計 市場X紀念挑戰 Quit_COVID-19 Redesign Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market, Market and Memorial Hall 指導老師 Adviser: 王瑞民 基地位置 Location: 中國/武漢 Wuhan/China 作品介紹 Description: “當中國和世界開始淡忘2003“非典”的時候,2020新冠肺炎迎頭而至,反思七十年前抗擊“非典”的歷史,沒有設立一座紀念場所,可能是造成集體性淡忘的重要原因。因此,建立“新冠疫情紀念館”使後世不再遺忘,應該是值得政府高度重視的行為。” 此次我的方向在於對疫情帶來的思考,對未來的展望,亦或者對這次在疫情中勇敢拼搏的醫護人員的尊重、死去人們的緬懷及受影響的數億人民的心痛和對可能到來的災難的警醒。 對於這種災難來說,身為建築人,應該做什么?又應該給這個世界帶來什麼?紀念場所作為保存人類記憶的機構,用“物”的方式守護著過去的智慧、教訓和精神遺產,其目的之一就是讓人以史為戒,避免重蹈覆轍。 將原有的超大型舊有市場量體打開,並置入更多彈性空間與可能性,活化了原有較為死板的市場內容,優化了部分市場空間,豐富了購物體驗,同時解决舊有衛生、環境問題、並且能夠更好的變成市中心一塊能將人流引入流動的紀念性反思空間,使人們即使在購物、消費的環境中也可以感同身受這個氛圍,並謹記當下的美,回望過去的痛苦,展望光明的未來。 Novel coronavirus pneumonia comes to the forefront when China and the world begin to forget the 2003 SARS. Reflecting on the history of fighting SARS seventy years ago, the absence of a memorial site may be an important reason for collective neglect. "2020" Therefore, the establishment of "COVID-19 Memorial Hall" so that future generations are not forgotten, should be worthy of the government's attention. My direction this time is to think about the epidemic situation, to look forward to the future, or to respect the brave medical staff in the epidemic, to cherish the memory of the people who died in the epidemic, and the heartache of hundreds of millions of people affected by the epidemic, and to wake up to the coming disasters. For this kind of disaster, as a builder, what should he do and what should he bring to the world? As an institution to preserve human memory, memorial sites protect the wisdom, lessons and spiritual heritage of the past in the way of "objects". One of the purposes of memorial sites is to let human beings learn from history and avoid repeating mistakes. The original super large old market volume is opened, and more flexible space and possibilities are put in, which activates the original relatively rigid market content, optimizes part of the market space, enriches the shopping experience, solves the old health and environmental problems, and can better become a commemorative reflective space in the city center that can attract people to flow, So that people can feel the atmosphere even in the shopping and consumption environment, and remember the beauty of the present, look back on the pain of the past, and look forward to the bright future