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作品名稱 Title: 融.易_金門新住民複合服務中心 IN ONE_Kinmen New Residents Complex Service Center 指導老師 Adviser: 洪仰政 基地位置 Location: 金門/金城 Jincheng/Kinmen 作品介紹 Description: 何謂新住民?新住民暨新移民,是指剛移民到另一個國家或地區,語言文化上未融入當地社會、以及還未取得當地國籍或戶籍的人士。是這些年來在臺灣比例持續上升的群體。 新住民在適應臺灣生活時,由於風俗文化與民情差異大,加上語言的隔閡,價值觀的不同,面臨許多的困境與挑戰:例如種族歧視與文化偏見、短期婚配、婚姻穩定性不足、子女教養壓力、就業問題與貧窮化等。不僅如此,「新住民之子」群體還面臨著因弱勢家庭構成且母方需定期回原生國家而造成的隔代教養或無人看管陪伴的現象。而生活在金門的新住民,除了要適應普遍性新住民困境,還要面對官方政府關懷機構方面只有位於金門縣社會福利館的「新住民家庭服務中心」辦公室作為專職提供新住民相關業務辦理,其現況就是機能極端供不應求。 設計基地選址於金門新住民人口最密集的金城鎮,考量到周圍目前無新住民相關關懷部門,再加上區域周圍教育場所豐富和現有休閒性質戶外場所使用,以及基地面向南海,自然環境條件良好。 而設計出的建築體則展現了我所認為的生活在金門的新住民所要解決的問題及應對方式——  A.新住民各族群之間的關係(保持現狀的交流、保障獨立空間)  B.新住民家庭內部的關係(親子互動機會的增加、新二代的照看)  C.新住民與當地居民的關係(互相瞭解文化、互相參與文化、互相交流文化)  D.新住民個體與社會的關係(基本生活需求保障、個人技能提升) 希望通過這樣的操作來回應新住民普遍性社會議題,且又能夠解決金門新住民所特有的地域性議題,使新住民這個特殊群體被看到、被重視與被關懷。 What are New Residents? New Residents are the people who have just immigrated to another country or region, who have not integrated into the local society in terms of language and culture, and who have not yet obtained local nationality or household registration. They’re the group whose proportion in Taiwan has continued to rise over these years. When new residents adapt to life in Taiwan, due to the large differences in customs and culture, language barriers and values, they would face numerous difficulties and challenges such as racial discrimination, cultural prejudice, the stress of upbringing children, employment problems and poverty, etc. What’s worse, with the mothers’ inevitable return to their homeland, their children would have to encounter troubles in intergenerational education or unattended companionship. As for the new residents living in Kinmen, in addition to adapting to the common new residents’ plight, they also have to suffer the undersupply of care agency from official government. The site locates in Jincheng Town, which has the highest percentage of new residents in Kinmen. Considering each aspect on building design such as the abundant educational places and exisiting outdoor areas, the good environment that it faces the seaside as well as the situation that there is no relevant care department of new residents around, the architecture I designed represents what I think the new residents of Kinmen have to solve and how they could deal with these problems. A. The relationship between different ethnic groups of new residents (maintain the current communication and guarantee the independent space) B. The relationship within families of new residents (increased parent-child interaction opportunities and care of the new generation) C. The relationship between new residents and local residents (mutual understanding of culture, mutual participation in culture, and mutual exchange of culture) D.The relationship between individual new residents and the society (basic living needs guarantee, personal skills improvement) All in all, I hope that these kinds of operation can respond to the universal social issues of the new residents, and solve the unique regional issues of the new residents in Kinmen. As a result, the new residents can be seen, valued and cared for.