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作品名稱 Title: 飛越杜鵑窩_精神療養院 Mental Savior_Mental Sanatorium 指導老師 Adviser: 陳拓男 基地位置 Location: 新北/三峽 Sanxia/New Taipei City 作品介紹 Description: 全球患有精神疾病的患者經計算超過10%,這個比率對多數人來說是相當驚人的,當疾病長時間累積,會帶來生理異常反應,易引起對生命與生活無助、無望、失去對喜愛的事物失去原本的興趣,嚴重將造成生命危險。 研究指出大多數人選擇單獨面對環境下的壓力,當情緒無法得到抒發或轉化時,人們面對這些困境導致身心影響日俱嚴重,而使文明病症產生,其實每個人或多或少都有遇到挫折、失落…等是人類正常的情緒,但已經成為社會現象問題。 療癒其種類還分為心靈療傷、音樂療傷、藝術療傷、娛樂療傷、媒體療傷等眾多類別,如何能讓醫院以使用者為中心,重新出發將其感到由衷歸屬、療癒與產生幸福感的需求,以建立舒適的空間氛圍以協助患者面對生活環境上的壓力時,有所調適、釋放、紓解與分享,產生正面能力以恢復能量,將是設計中最適合不過的。 Over ten percent of people suffered mental illness all over the world. Mental illness will make people feel helpless, pain, and powerless for life. When illness last overtime, not only psychological but also physical health of the patient would damage. These extreme situations can rust patients’ body and mind seriously and threaten their life. Studies report that most people choose to face obstacle in life alone. It is normal to be upset or tired in life, but when the bad emotion of a person cannot be released and accumulated a lot, the pressure of life could cause some problem for mental health. Healing can be separated into different categories like spiritual, musical, entertaining, and media healing. The goal of our design is to replan the hospital and build a comfortable place for the patients of mental illness.