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作品名稱 Title: 城南軼事_南門街的記憶重述 Anecdotes of Houpu: The Stories in South_The Redescription of Memories in Nanmen Street 指導老師 Adviser: 張旭福 基地位置 Location: 金門/後浦 Houpu/Kinmen 作品介紹 Description: 金門金城,舊稱後浦民城,位於小島金門的西南隅,是金門政經的中心也是人口最密集的地方。後浦城分為東西南北四大門境,南門因靠海的地利條件成為後浦城最早發展的核心,且首當其衝扮演了對外交流的重要角色。南門街(現為珠浦南路)作為通往港口的必經之路更是一條人來人往、絡繹不絕的市街。1949年國民政府來台,民生路、民權路、民族路被陸續闢建,海岸線被迫後退,商業開始紛紛外移,南門街逐漸喪失其地利條件,登出世人眼中。 國民政府來台後隨即頒布了“市街拓寬政策”,南門街作為後浦城為數不多保有舊城尺度的市街,從曾經的熙熙攘攘淪落為如今被後人遺忘的慘景,成為我畢業設計感興趣且想要操作的對象。 在設計操作上,我通過大量的田野調查篩選出了六個點,這六個點分別對應了曾經故事的事發地,而故事則是和在地居民訪談中篩選出來的,藉由了解這些消逝的記憶,制定出適切的program以及設計手法,在喚起居民們集體回憶的同時,也可以讓那些不熟悉後浦南門的人,可以用一種新的視角去了解曾經的南門街。 南門的故事被重新書寫,居民們的集體記憶重新載入,南門開始以一種新的姿態呈現於世人... Jincheng,Kinmen, formerly known as Houpu City, is located in the southwest of Kinmen. It is the political and economic center of Kinmen and the most densely populated place. Houpu city is divided into four areas including east, west, south and north. The south became the core of the earliest development of Houpu City due to the geographical conditions and played an important role in foreign exchanges. Nanmen Street (now Zhupu S. Rd. ), as the only way to the port, is a street full of people. When the Nationalist Government came to Taiwan in 1949, Minsheng Rd. Minquan Rd. and Minzu Rd. were built one after another. The coastline was forced to retreat, and businesses began to move out. Nanmen Street gradually lost its geographical advantage and became invisible to the world. After the Nationalist Government came to Taiwan, the "City Street Broadening Policy" was promulgated. Nanmen Street, as one of the few streets in Houpu City that retains the size of the old city, has degenerated from the hustle and bustle of the past to the tragedy that is now forgotten by future generations, which became my interest in the thesis project. In terms of design and operation, I selected six points through a large number of field investigations. These six points corresponded to the place where the story happened. The story was selected from interviews with residents. By understanding these points disappearing memories, the programs and design techniques are formulated, which not only recall the collective memories of the residents, but also provide a new perspective to those who are the non-native to understand the former Nanmen Street. The story of Nanmen was rewritten, the collective memory of the residents was reloaded, and Nanmen began to be presented to the world with a new attitude...