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作品名稱 Title: 祭典.學習.展示_北港朝天宮文化展覽館 Ceremony.Learn.Exhibit_Beigang Chao-Tian Temple Cultural Exhibition Hall 指導老師 Adviser: 曾逸仁 基地位置 Location: 雲林/北港 Beigang/Yunlin 作品介紹 Description: 藉由展覽提升旅客的文化認知,增加旅客參與祭典的意願,以延長停留的時間。 說起北港,總不免讓人想到媽祖和小吃。其中農曆3月迎媽祖的繞境活動最為熱鬧,是北港當地的小過年,是北港囡仔成長過程永不忘懷的人生經歷,是不斷堆疊的美好記憶。 但根據調查顯示,每年參與活動的人數卻逐年下降,推測原因應為: (1)北港當地沒有促使旅客停駐的地點。 (2)鄰近新港鄉廟宇活動的崛起瓜分原本人潮。 經調查北港朝天宮可再發展的面向其實頗為豐富,諸如有形文化(朝天宮本體、媽祖神像)、無形文化(陣頭、藝閣)、產業文化(小吃、名產),目前以產業文化最為興盛,而有形和無形文化朝天宮擁有資源卻沒能大力推展,何其可惜且令人扼腕,也促使這個設計主題的產生,期盼藉由展覽館的興建,喚起眾人的力量投入,讓在地特有的眾生相與信仰中心,產生更精緻與具生命力的連結。 基地- 基地位於朝天宮斜對面,現存一地上七層地下三層建築,三至七層樓為高悅酒店,地下一層至二層原規劃店面出租,但因每單元空間過小,現大多閒置,地下二層、三層為廳車場。由於酒店營運狀況偏差,且造成街區有壓迫感,現假設由朝天宮購買土地並置換商業行為。 設計概念- 因應朝天宮的格局「四落八殿,一埕七院」,量體的布局碎化,各展廳以廊道串接,且參觀動線為一條直線式。量體包圍住中間的練習場,所以整個參觀過程無時無刻皆可欣賞陣頭表演,不僅提供當地社團與居民練習使用,兼顧成為展覽館吸引力來源之一。 The exhibition enhances the cultural awareness of visitors and increases the willingness of visitors to participate in the festival to extend their stay. Speaking of Beigang, people always think of Matsu and snacks. Among them, in March of the lunar calendar, Beigang Matsu Pilgrimage is the most lively. It is called the local Little New year in Beigang. It is an unforgettable life experience for the local children in their growth process and a superimposed beautiful memory. Nowadays, according to surveys, there are two reasons for the decrease in the number of people participating in activities every year: (1) There is no place where passengers can stay in Beigang area. (2) The rise of neighbouring temple activities divides up the original crowd. According to the investigation, the redevelopment aspects of Beigang Chaotian Temple are actually quite rich. Such as tangible culture (the Chaotian Temple, the deity statue of Matsu), intangible culture (daitou art pavilion), and industrial culture (snacks, famous products). At present, the industrial culture is the most prosperous, but the tangible and intangible culture has resources in Chaotian Temple but has not been able to promote it vigorously. What a pity and embarrassment. This reason prompted the emergence of this design theme. It is hoped that the construction of the exhibition hall will arouse the support of the people, so that the unique daily life and spiritual spirit of the place will have a more splendid and vibran connection. Site- The site is located diagonally opposite to Chaotian Temple. There is an existing building with seven floors above ground and three floors underground. The third to seventh floors are SAINT ART HOTEL. The original planned storefronts for the first to second floors are rented out, but the space of each unit is too small and most of them are slack space now. , The third floor is a parking lot. Due to the poor operating conditions of the hotel and the feeling of oppression in the neighborhood, it is assumed that Chaotian Temple will purchase land and replace commercial activities. Concept- Corresponding to the Chaotian Temple’s layout of "eight halls, one courtyard and seven courtyards", the volume layout is fragmented. The exhibition halls are connected in series with corridors, and the visiting flow is a straight line. The masses surround the practice field in the middle, so you can enjoy the performances at all times during the whole visit, which not only provides practice for local communities and residents, but also becomes one of the sources of attraction of the exhibition hall.