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作品名稱 Title: 海筵_金門海洋.生物.展覽館 Sea Feast_Kinmen Ocean and Biological Exhibition Hall 指導老師 Adviser: 陳拓男 基地位置 Location: 金門/西園 Kinmen/Xiyuan 作品介紹 Description: 在國共內戰開打後,金門身處戰爭前線,因此在戰地政務時期頒布了一系列的禁海政策,例如:在沙灘及沿海地區埋設地雷、禁止人民靠近沙灘,更不准到海邊活動,如果真的要下海採蚵也只能申請通行證。直到解嚴、戰地政務時期解除、地雷全面拆除後,金門的居民才真正重回大海的懷抱。 雖然能重新接觸海洋,但在極少的近海設施,以及沒有任何水上活動的規劃之下,大家對於大海還是陌生的狀態,雖然有水產試驗所的存在,但它的機能還是較偏向研究部分,展覽區的規畫非常小,沒辦法詳盡介紹金門特有的物種,這點非常可惜。因為有上述提及的這段時期存在,才能讓金門的水系自然資源被保護得如此完整,像是在臺灣本島已經看不太到的許多生物,在金門都還能觀察的到,例如:鱟、蓋斑鬥魚、大鱗梅氏鯿、水獺等,要如何讓大家認識並且保護牠們,應該是金門在轉變為觀光產地後,應該要把握的部分才對。 因此我希望能創造出兼具休閒與教育的展覽研究館,讓金門能增加這類型的建築,提供民眾進出並學習。可能有人會說把生物抓來狹小的水缸中,讓牠一輩子只能供人欣賞是很過分的行為,現在網路發達,想知道甚麼只要上網滑滑並看看影片就能了解,但我認為要直接親眼見到大家口中說、網路所見的生物,或是頻臨絕種、應被保護的生物,才能真正引起人們的保護欲,才會真的去進行保護的行為! 觀賞並不是囚禁,能提供生物適當良好的生活環境是設計核心。再來才是展覽動線和工作人員動線的設計,和其他各式機能的空間規劃,將不同功能的建築連接,並加上提供民眾也能停留活動的室內外休閒空間,才能構成我想創造出的海洋生物展覽研究館。 After the Communist civil war, Kinmen was on the front lines of the war, so during the war administration period, a series of no-sea policies were promulgated, such as: laying mines on the beaches and coastal areas, forbidding people to go near the beaches, and forbidding them to go to the sea, and if they really wanted to go to the sea to pick oysters, they had to apply for a permit. It was not until the lifting of the strictures, the lifting of the war zone administration period, and the complete removal of landmines that the residents of Kinmen truly returned to the sea. Although they were able to get in touch with the sea again, with very few offshore facilities and no planning for water activities, the sea was still unfamiliar to them. It is because of the existence of the above mentioned period that the natural resources of Kinmen's water system are so well protected. Many creatures that cannot be seen on Taiwan Island can still be observed in Kinmen, such as the Hsiao, the Gay-spotted Fighting Fish, the Large-Scaled Mekong, and the Otter. Therefore, I hope to create an exhibition and research center for both leisure and education, so that Kinmen can have more buildings of this type for people to enter and learn. Some people may say that it is too much to take a creature and put it in a small tank for the rest of its life for people to enjoy. Nowadays, with the internet, all you have to do to find out what is going on is go online and watch a video. However, I think that only when we see the creatures that people talk about or see on the Internet, or the creatures that are in danger of extinction and should be protected, can we really arouse people's desire to protect them, and only then will we really do it ! The core of the design is to provide a proper living environment for the creatures. The design of exhibition lines and staff lines, as well as the planning of other functional spaces, linking different functional buildings and providing indoor and outdoor leisure spaces where people can stay and move around, constitute the marine life exhibition and research center that I want to create.