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作品名稱 Title: 台灣民族的戰爭記憶_功勳艦之外,中海艦的價值 The Memorial of the Taiwan War 指導老師 Adviser: 王瑞民 基地位置 Location: 高雄/苓雅 Lingya/Kaohsiung 作品介紹 Description: 若說人是歷史的產物,那麼作為台灣史產物的台灣人究竟是什麼?而居住或生長在台灣的人,又要如何看待自己、台灣人、台灣史的呢? 綜觀台灣人四百多年的歷史,無非就是不斷的重複被外來政權殖民與當地住民對其剝削的反抗。而在這過程中「台灣人」的意識逐漸模糊的形成,不過時至今日因著許多內外因素(例如島上不同族裔的差異與衝突、移民後代對血統的迷思、殖民者的壓迫等等)台灣島上的人 們至今對於自身的認同,以及如何看待塑造自己的歷史仍有相當的歧異。 自台灣有史以來,戰爭始終縈繞著這座島嶼,而對於戰爭的記憶(或 者說如何記憶戰爭)也就成為台灣認同的重要成分。因此我希望能夠從戰爭記憶這個面向去討論何為「台灣民族」 中海艦在的824海戰中受創而不沉,送至菲律賓修復後重回現役,其奮戰的事蹟讓她在中華民國海軍中享有特殊的地位。並且在戰後也持續奔波於台灣海峽間,然而當她功成身退後,其保存卻成為難題。不只軍方消極,在台灣社會中也得不到太多回響。究其原因,還是在於不論是軍方還是民間發起訴求的保存者,都沒有觸動到台灣人的集體記憶。這艘中華民國的功勳艦對台灣的意義究竟在哪裡?台灣人要如何面對這段過往?我想做的不只是中海艦紀念館,同時也會是台灣民族的戰爭記憶博物館。 If people are the product of history, then what are the Taiwanese who are the product of Taiwan's history? And how do people who live or grow in Taiwan think about themselves, the people of Taiwan, and the history of Taiwan? Looking at the history of the Taiwanese for more than 400 years, it is nothing more than the constant repetition of colonization by foreign regimes and the resistance of local residents to their exploitation. In this process, the consciousness of "Taiwanese" has gradually formed, but it is still due to many internal and external factors (such as the differences and conflicts of different ethnic groups on the island, the myth of the blood lineage of the descendants of immigrants, the oppression of colonists, etc.). ) People on Taiwan Island still have considerable differences in their identity and how they view the history that has shaped themselves. Since the history of Taiwan, war has always haunted this island, and the memory of war (or how to remember war) has become an important component of Taiwan’s identity. Therefore, I hope to discuss from the perspective of war memory what is the "Taiwan Nation"to serve Chinese naval vessel that was damaged but not sinked in the 824 naval battle, sent to the Philippines for restoration and then returned to active service. Her fighting deeds allowed herin the Republic of China Navy. Enjoy a special status. She also continued to travel across the Taiwan Strait after the war. However, when she retreated, her preservation became a problem. Not only is the military negative, but it also doesn't get much response in Taiwanese society. The reason is that neither the military nor the private depositors who filed prosecutions have not touched the collective memory of Taiwanese. What is the significance of this heroic ship of the Republic of China to Taiwan? How should Taiwanese face this past? What I want to do is not only the China Ship Memorial Museum, but also the War Memory Museum of the Taiwanese nation.