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Comic Box


作品名稱 Title: Comic Box_動漫展覽研創基地 Comic Box_Comic Exhibitin and Creative Park 指導老師 Adviser: 陳拓男 基地位置 Location: 中國/福建 Fujian/China 作品介紹 Description: 動漫文化引進三四十多年載,最早看動漫漫畫長大的一批漫迷也已經四五十多歲,但仍還有年輕群體不斷加入漫迷這個行列。其間歷經市場經濟、網路及社會的巨大變革,他們的性質也在逐年轉變。 當前動漫用戶中95後人群占比最高,達到46.4%,其次80後、90後也構成較重要的比例。學生和企業初、中層員工占動漫用戶比最高的三類。 用戶對動漫周邊需求旺盛,網絡購物是動漫用戶最主流的購買管道,但也有不少群體前往實體店、線下漫展、同人展等進行購買。 該動漫群體的存在對動漫文化有一定推動性,但如將動漫文化得到發展且要有一定的資金資助以及得到政府的鼓勵支持,就需要讓外界有其認識及接觸機會——需提供其必要場地及對外宣傳。 而普遍的動漫愛好者們都會有興趣的相關活動,如看動漫玩遊戲、看漫畫、繪畫、出喜歡角色的cosplay、學唱歌曲、練習舞蹈、學習攝影外拍等等,且因為是學生、新職人員偏多所以都是以自學為主,在消費上交為克制。因此在設計上也要能讓愛好者們進行相關的興趣活動。 概念上因原本的愛好者與自己喜歡的作品僅為人與屏幕一面之隔,且大家大多數都是屬於自己在一個小空間裡,如房間、錄音室、練舞間等等大多都是自己與作品的交流,而我希望這會是一個互動的空間,讓在漫展中的自己不僅是參展的人,你也會成為是其他愛好者或者其他非愛好但想來了解的人眼中的一個展示品。 該動漫場域將原本的人觀動漫影視作品的雙層面模式多賦予了一種新的層面 人觀動漫影視——人觀人/人參與模式——建築物是展示的容器 More than forty years after the introduction of animation culture, the first generation of fans who have grown up watching cartoons have reached their 40s and 50s, but there are still young people who continue to join the fan club. During this period, the nature of them has been changing year by year as a result of the great changes in market economy, Internet and society. At present, the proportion of the post-95 animation users is the highest, reaching 46.4% , followed by the post-80, post-90 also constitute a more important proportion. Students and Enterprise Junior, middle-level employees account for the highest proportion of animation users of the three categories. Users demand around the animation, online shopping is the most mainstream animation users to buy channels, but there are many groups to shop, offline comic exhibition, the same people to buy. The existence of the animation community has a certain impetus to the animation culture, but if the animation culture is to be developed and must have certain financial support and be encouraged and supported by the government, it needs to be opened up to the outside world, to provide the necessary venues and publicity. And the general animation lovers will be interested in related activities, such as watching animation play games, reading comics, drawing, out like the role of cosplay, singing songs, practicing dance, learning photography and so on, and because is the student, the new post personnel partial many therefore are by the self-study primarily, in the expense hand over for the restraint. So in the design also want to be able to let the hobby people carry on the related interest activity. Conceptually, the original fans and their favorite works are separated only by one side of the screen, and most of them belong to themselves in a small space, the rooms, the recording studio, the dance studio, and so on are mostly my own interactions with the work, and I hope that this will be an interactive space where I'm not only the exhibitor at Comic Con, you can also be a showpiece in the eyes of other hobbyists and others who don't like it but want to get to know it. The animation field will be the original People Watch animation film and Television works of the two-level model more given a new level: People watch animation film and Television——Person-to-person/person-to-person model——The building is the vessel for the display