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Let It Bloom


作品名稱 Title: Let It Bloom_菊花技術培養與展覽中心 Let It Bloom_Chrysanthemum Technology Training and Exhibition Center 指導老師 Adviser: 張旭福 基地位置 Location: 彰化/田尾 Tianwei/Changhua 作品介紹 Description: 希望能夠創造一個場所不論是為當地花農、當地園藝店、小吃攤或者是從根本的當地居民,都希望是幫助的場域,不單單是從小鄉的經濟層面而言。在實地訪查時,就有發現到田尾目前面臨四個問題,第一個,大家目前最關心的全球暖化的議題,因全球溫度上升所導致的部分花種的生存困難。第二個,國外外銷量減少,因種植技術近幾年被國外超越(菊花是田尾最主要的生產切花類。)。第三個,田尾的人口外移,以至於當地人口老化,勞動人口年齡層上升。第四個,觀光客減少,導致部分小吃攤出現生計困難。不過田尾還仍擁有一些優勢,第一濁水溪的沖刷,有肥沃的土壤,成功造就苗木事業的發展。第二,多年來的花卉產業,使得田尾擁有台最豐富的植物種類,在景觀設計產業上有極大的優勢。 在基地的選擇上,我特別以目前政府開發的城鎮之心_迎賓之心作為基底,基地位於觀光客要進入園藝店群開始與終點,基地旁也有設置兩個停車場,方便研究者和居民能夠快速進入基地。 設計方案有四種機能,研究機能、學習機能、展覽機能、體驗機能。為主要是希望可以讓每個人了解到田尾的根莖葉果,根是指個田尾的歷史與天候,莖是指田尾花卉發展技術,葉是指田尾的農民和新世代,果是指未來培養發展技術。 我的設計特別在原本的平緩地形,增加大約三米的緩坡,增加一些地形的趣味度,還有象徵田尾花卉的特別地位。建築的外牆材質的方面,選擇室外植栽牆、砂石牆、帷幕玻璃牆,在有開窗的部分選擇植栽牆,可以降低熱能的散入。基地內植栽,選擇能夠有食用性或者能作為精油提煉的樹種。花卉的部分選擇田尾除了菊花之外的三大產量的洋桔梗、非洲菊、康乃馨,依照它們季節性下去種植。 I hope to create a place for local florists, local gardening shops, food stalls, or basic local residents. It is hoped that it will be a field of help, not just from the economic level of the small township. During the field visit, it was discovered that Tanao is currently facing four problems. The first one is the issue of global warming that everyone is most concerned about, the survival of some flower species caused by the rise in global temperature. The second is the decrease in foreign sales, because the planting technology has been surpassed by foreign countries in recent years (Chrysanthemum is Tianwei's main production of cut flowers). Third, Tianwei’s population moved out, so that the local population was aging, and the age group of the working population rose. Fourth, the decrease in tourists has caused some food stalls to have livelihood difficulties. However, Tianwei still has some advantages. The erosion of the first Zhuoshui River and the fertile soil have successfully created the development of the seedling business. Second, over the years of the flower industry, Tianwei has the most abundant plant species in Taiwan, and has a great advantage in the landscape design industry. In the choice of the base, I especially use the heart of towns developed by the government as the base of the heart of welcome. The base is located at the beginning and the end of the group of tourists who want to enter the gardening shops. There are also two parking lots next to the base to facilitate researchers and residents. Enter the base quickly. The design plan has four functions: research function, learning function, exhibition function, and experience function. The main purpose is to let everyone know the roots, stems, leaves and fruits of Tianwei. The root refers to the history and weather of the Tianwei, the stem refers to the development technology of Tianwei flowers, the leaf refers to the farmers and the new generation of Tianwei, and the fruit refers to the future cultivation and development. technology. My design is particularly based on the original flat terrain, adding a gentle slope of about three meters, adding some interest to the terrain, and symbolizing the special status of Tianwei flowers. For the exterior wall materials of the building, choose outdoor planting walls, sand-stone walls, and curtain glass walls, and planting walls in the parts with open windows, which can reduce heat dissipation. For planting in the base, choose tree species that can be edible or used as essential oils. As for the flowers, we choose Tianwei's three major yields of eustoma, gerbera, and carnation besides chrysanthemums, and plant them seasonally.