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作品名稱 Title: 疫情下的集合住宅在定義_新一代健康住宅 Represent Pandemic Tenement_New Healthy Residence 指導老師 Adviser: 王瑞民 基地位置 Location: 中國/廈門 Xiamen/China 作品介紹 Description: 2020 年,新冠肺炎的爆發給全球經濟發展、社會生活等方面造成了極大的影響。新冠肺炎已經深刻的影響了人們對城市和建築的認識。對於此,思考如何使建築在未來應對病毒傳播方面更具防禦性,為人們提供一個舒適健康的人居空間和更加安全的城市環境。設計思路: 疫情之後,相信很多人已經意識到了戶型設計及建築空間機能的重要性。柯比意認為城市就是一個“生存空間-它涉及的無非是人的生理需求和感情需求。”而我認為任何建築形式都是為人服務,我們需要關注個體的差異與選擇。人們的不同身份,對建築有不同的需求,需求的增長是疊加的,不同的空間會隨著對人的需求增長。疫情後的建築更應該體現人們對於住宅的需求,住宅不單純是一個住所,更是一個符合人們需求的空間。 In 2020, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia has had a great impact on global economic development and social life. New coronavirus pneumonia has profoundly influenced people's understanding of cities and buildings. For this, think about how to make the building more defensive in dealing with the spread of virus, and provide people with a comfortable and healthy living space and a safer urban environment.Design idea: After the epidemic, I believe many people have realized the importance of house type design and architectural space function. Kirbyi believes that a city is a living space. What it involves is nothing more than people's physiological and emotional needs. In my opinion, any architectural form serves people. We need to pay attention to individual differences and choose people's different identities, and have different demands for architecture Architecture should reflect people's needs for housing. Housing is not simply a place to live.