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作品名稱 Title: 山林解禁後..._當代與山林環境的關係 After lifting the restrictions on hiking..._The Relation of Forest Environment with Contemporary Era 指導老師 Adviser: 黃信穎 基地位置 Location: 南投/霧社及能高越嶺西段 Nantou/Wushe&The West of Nenggao Cross-Ridge Historical Trail 作品介紹 Description: 山林解禁後,湧入的人群造成環境失序,那我們又適合什麼樣的入山行程? 試圖設計一個適合台灣的登山行程,勾勒出環境與人之間適當的界線。 山下的展館、旅宿、接駁,依序提供山林教育,登山前晚留宿,及減少登山口車潮、入山紀錄;山上轉型的保線所、避難型山屋,提供生理需求使用以降低環境影響,及將就的求生空間。 Site A 山前站 霧社 Program/山前教育展覽館、接駁站、旅宿 入山前的途經處,人與山林之間的關係是建立在一個能夠充足理解進入山林環境中,該具備甚麼條件、素質、知識等而能游刃於山林之中的宣導地。 台灣行車便利深植於習慣,造成多數人都自駕上山,造成登山口現況壅塞,環境品質低落,試圖將接駁置入登山口來改善現況。 Site B雲海保線所  Program/志工站、集水塔 入山後的休憩點,從駐在所變成保線所,保線所退役後將會變作甚麼空間形式? 設計保留日治的木作,拆除台電時期的RC增建。取捨中,將具建築史或技術決定價值的保留,主要試圖將空間適度開放,讓人進入使用。基地承載許多故事,紀錄轉為志工介紹的方式呈現並維護基地機能運作。基地有流水式的廁間,水並非取之不竭,想將儲水作為可視的過程,取水也可利用霧氣、露水來蒐集。 Site C 避難型山屋 探索山林是所有人的權利,所以入山林前除了將狀態及知識備足,入山後也應有充足的意外救生設施提供,但界線是無時波動,需定時更新動線及遷移救生設施,考量山屋形體及組裝節點以利於組裝拆卸。山難常見於失溫,生火的設施相對重要。山屋提供緊急危難使用,舒適將使為求便利者使用,因此內部空間的座位利用高差錯開,而無法提供舒適的平躺休憩。 After lifting restrictions on hiking, the influx of people has caused disorder in the environment. So, what the kind of trip is ideal now? This paper attempts to design a more suitable mountaineering trip in Taiwan and draw a proper boundary between people and the environment. The exhibition hall, hostel and shuttle at the base of the mountain will provide forest educational seminar. Staying overnight before hiking, and reducing the number of vehicles entering the mountain; The transformation of the Taiwan Power working station and the shelter on the mountain provide physiological needs to reduce the environmental impact and provide a survival space. Site A. Mountain Front Station WuShe Program / Educational exhibition hall, connecting station, hostel Before entering the mountain, the relation between people and the mountain should be established based on a propaganda that can fully understand what conditions, qualities, knowledge, etc. in order to put the advocacy in place. The convenience of driving in Taiwan is deeply rooted from people’s habit. As a result, most people drive up to the mountain by themselves and make the current situation in mountain entrances become congested. The environmental quality is low so we try to have shuttle vehicles at the mountain entrances to improve the situation. Site B. Yun Hai Working Station Program /Volunteer station, Water tower After entering the mountain’s resting place, the Japanese rule era police station has been changed into Tai power working station. What kind of renovations can be done to make into a working space after the retirement of the Tai Power Working Station? In order to design how to preserve the wooden work during the Japanese rule, the RC construction during the Tai power period has been demolished. In the process of making a decision, the preservation of the area’s value was determined by its architectural history or technology. Mainly attempts to moderately open the space for people to use. The base carries many stories, and the records are introduced by volunteers to present and maintain the function of the base. There are flowing toilets in the base, but the water is limited. If you want to store water, you can also use fog and dew to collect water. Site C. Mountain Shelter It is people’s rights to explore the mountain forest. So before entering the mountain forest, besides preparing enough knowledge and be in a right state, there should be sufficient emergency rescue facilities after entering the mountain. However, the boundary is changing over time. It is necessary to upgrade the evacuation route and relocate the lifesaving apparatus regularly, and consider the form and building nodes of the shelter for assembly and disassembly. One of the difficulties that commonly encountered in the mountain is being in a low temperature environment, thus heat and fire facilities are relatively important. The shelters in the mountain provide emergency equipment for people to conveniently use during emergency situation. Therefore, the elevation difference of the seats inside the shelter is staggered, and it cannot provide comfortable rest for people as a result.