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作品名稱 Title: 木工實驗學校_木構造在金門 Woodwork Studio_Wooden Structure on Kinmen 指導老師 Adviser: 陳拓男 基地位置 Location: 金門/金城 Jincheng/Kinmen 作品介紹 Description: 這個作品想對木工流程、木工的設備與空間進行鋪排。 在沒有什麼宣言的學校裡,竟藏有 13棵大榕樹的廣場,而廣場是擺放大型木構工藝的戶外展覽空間,鄰近廣場靠近此基地北側的大樓,也可以延攬大眾前往二樓的室內展廳,還有三樓的活動空間能夠容納60位民眾來聽有關木構的演講。如果你接觸了木構,想再更深入學習,歡迎與北棟的一樓辦公室聯繫,講解完課程將依照該季的項目上課,有可能是開設大木構或者小木構造的課程,課程將於南棟的教學樓進行。在南棟還有開放給大眾或參觀民眾的雕刻室,與一旁的兒童的木作空間,與晚上修習的普通教室,二樓還設有老師休息的空間,讓他們脫開與學生互動的教室,又能藉由一樓的挑空,讓老師們能知道學生的操作狀況。 周遭敷地上的安排,由於車子只能藉由偏東邊的入口進入連同設置的停車場,也就位於東側角落,一貫的從防空洞之間的小道連通的是辦公室與員工停車處。郵差可以在北棟一進來的地方遞送郵件,能見到看守在一旁的警衛空間。賓客也在接續的空間裡與主管一起會面。在這間木工學校所使用的原木,會由大型貨車來載送進南側的儲藏區,在大型機具空間可以裁切這些儲藏原木,再到木工教室施作。 Woodworking Experimental School Wood Structure in Kinmen This work wants to lay out woodworking processes, woodworking equipment and space. In the school without much declaration, there is a plaza with 13 big banyan trees. The plaza is an outdoor exhibition space with large wooden crafts. The adjacent plaza is close to the building on the north side of the base, and the public can also be invited to the interior on the second floor. The exhibition hall and the activity space on the third floor can accommodate 60 people to listen to lectures on wooden structures. If you are in touch with wooden structure and want to learn more, you are welcome to contact the office on the first floor of the North Building. After the course is explained, the course will be based on the class project of the season. It may be a course of large wooden structure or small wooden structure. Conducted in the teaching building of the South Building. In the south building, there is a carving room open to the public or visitors, a wooden space for children on the side, and an ordinary classroom for evening study. There is also a space for teachers to rest on the second floor, allowing them to break away from the classroom for interacting with students. , And through the emptying of the first floor, let the teachers know the operation status of the students. The arrangement on the surrounding ground, because the car can only enter through the entrance to the east and the parking lot set up, it is also located in the east corner. The trail between the air-raid shelters is always connected to the office and the employee parking area. The postman can deliver the mail from the place where the North Building comes in, and can see the guard space beside the guard. The guests also met with the supervisor in the subsequent space. The logs used in this woodworking school will be transported by large trucks to the storage area on the south side. These storage logs can be cut in the large machine tool space and then used in the woodworking classroom.