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剪綵式 Ribbon-cutting ceremony

葉采薇 Yeh Tsai-Wei (1988-)

我是誰? 我是誰?從哪裡來?要到哪裡去? 這是誰的故事?哪一個才是真正的我? 關於「我」,你了解了多少?又還有多少未知? 我們對自己是否已經足夠誠實? 藝術家葉采薇,不同於傳統水墨,創作題材含有獨特的現代思維。葉采薇作品帶有年輕世代對於當代處境的視野,她以女童象徵著尚未社會化的自己,以故事性的元素隱喻著現代人的現實處境。作品〈剪綵式〉,兩個女童共同玩著一條翻花繩,左右兩邊是巨大有刺的仙人掌,如同鏡子反射般地左右對稱,表現出兩個相同卻又不同的自我,象徵著人們在社會的洗禮下無法真實的辨識自我。葉采薇經由溫和的畫面與深沉的內容,諷刺性地傳達自身觀察社會的角度。 Who Am I? Who am I? Where am I from? And where am I going? Whose story is this? Which one is the real me? How much do you know about your Self? And how much is unknown? Are we honest enough with ourselves? YEH Tsai-Wei is an ink painter that aims to overturn conventions. Her works are filled with unique and modern concepts, and depicts the younger generations’ view of their surroundings. YEH Tsai-Wei used images of young girls to depict herself before socialization, using storytelling elements to underly the realistic world of modern life. In Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, two girls flanked by giant, thorny cactuses are playing with string figures. The two girls may appear like mirror images of each other, yet their expressions reveal that they are separate and independent individuals. The picture symbolizes the process of socialization and how it prevents individuals from knowing who they truly are. Through this light and gently colored work, YEH Tsai-Wei offers a satirical presentation of thought-provoking topics based upon her observations of our modern society.