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〈藝術自由式—布花設計師帶路〉藝術銀行x減簡手制 紀錄影片/6’07”/藝術銀行策畫/凹焦影像工作室製作 Freestyle Arts: An Artistic Journey Led by a Pattern Designer — Artbank Taiwan X jainjain/ Documentary/6’07/ Planned by Artbank Taiwan/ Produced by Lane 216, East Studio

企劃:藝術銀行 / 影像製作:凹焦影像工作室

靈感總在聊聊後? 藝術銀行與減簡手制品牌共同合作, 以藝術家作品為發想,減去無感留下必須, 消化轉譯後融入日常,將感動創作於布料上, 作為與人溝通的一種自我療癒的過程, 「藝術」成為再創作的靈感來源。 設計師陳子瑜認為在藝術家的作品裡,總能嗅出過去的美好,和即將到來的危機。他以藝術銀⾏購藏藝術家陳伯義 、劉芸怡作品為發想概念,探究他們的創作動機,並融合減簡⼿制的理念來執⾏布花及布包的設計。陳子瑜覺得空間除了作為安⾝之所外,也是累積回憶的容器,除了受到藝術家作品啟發,也呼應了過去設計中持續關注的議題,因而創作兩款布花圖樣。 Inspirations Always Come After a Chat? Working with Artbank Taiwan, the handmade brand jainjain takes artistic pieces and reduces them to necessities, translates them to be a part of daily life, and recreates impressions about them using fabrics. In this communicative and self-healing process, art becomes a source of inspiration for recreation. Chen Tzu-Yu believes that in art pieces, you can always sense the beauty of the past and crisis in the immediate future. The designer has designed fabric patterns and cloth bags inspired by the artworks of Chen Po-I and Liu Yun-Yi, exploring the artists’ creative motivations and fusing them with the design philosophy of his brand jainjain. The designer has built on his usual ways of seeing and designing when putting his impressions about the artists’ works into pattern design. Chen believes that spaces are both places for settling down and containers of memories. His two pattern designs are a nod to the artists’ works as well as echoes to issues he’s always raised in his designs.