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馮偉中 Feng Wei-Jung(1971-)

當你以為的不再理所當然? 當你以為找到解決方法,問題卻一一浮現 ? 當你以為只是在追求更好的生活,其實正與惡魔打交道 ? 當你以為的理所當然 ,並不是必然的存在? 什麼才是我們真正想要追尋的? 藝術家馮偉中跨足動畫與紀錄片創作,他長期關注環境議題,希望藉由創作,喚醒民眾的環境意識。作品〈工業星球〉,以360度攝影的空拍技術,將存在於現實生活的真實景象,藉由特殊視角呈現。畫面中的六顆星球,其實是六個不同的地方區域,這些區域因為幾十年的工業化發展,在地貌景觀上,皆產生極大的變化。馮偉中以星球的孤獨意象,意指在資本主義運作下的社會,都市樣貌變得擁擠,人與人的關係也顯得愈來愈疏離,就像天際的星體一般冷漠與孤寂。 What if things we take for granted are no longer taken for granted? When we think there’re solutions, the problems keep showing up? Are we seeking a better life or dancing with the devil? When everything we take for granted is no longer exist? What are we truly looking for? FENG Wei-Jung's is involved in creation of both animation and documentary. He has long been concerned with environmental issues and hopes to awaken people's environmental awareness through creation. The work, Industrial Planet, uses aerial technique with 360-degree photography to present a unique perspective of real scenes in real life. The six planets in the picture are actually six different local areas. These areas have undergone great changes in their landscapes due to decades of industrial development. FENG Wei-Jung’s uses the lonely images of the planets to point out that under the influence of capitalism, the city has become more and more crowded and the relationship between people is becoming more alienated, much like the lonely and despondent stars in the sky.