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森生 - SenSheng

李宜燕, 李繻雲 - LEE,YI-YEN, LI,ZUN-YUN

水道博物館植被廣布,數棵樹齡百年,如此歷史與環境所留下的痕跡,寫下的故事,轉化為圖鑑的核心,使圖鑑於不同角度閱讀下,呈現富層次的內在,重新定義並創新。 - The waterway museum has extensive vegetation, and several trees are hundreds of years old. The traces left by history and the environment, and the written stories are transformed into the core of the illustration book, so that the illustrations can be read from different angles, present a rich layer of connotation, redefine and innovate .