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崑山科技大學 視覺傳達設計系

「平凡的故事,是開啟生活與設計的契機。」 想像「生活」中發生的所有事,是層層往上堆疊的,那或許是一件簡單的事、一句令人難忘的話,,一本發人深省的書,一首音樂、一齣電影、一場合作 ... ...。而不同大小事所築起的便是「疊」。 我們在生活中不斷的探究設計,獨立思考並縝密分析,拋出疑問、提出假設,透過彼此的交流對話,任由千萬種痕跡層層堆疊,自我的訓練思維不斷流動,並畫下剎那共同向上築起,而層層疊起的足跡、平凡的故事,是開啟生活與設計的契機,讓強調成長的過程 — 疊,精神持續累加... ...。 Everyday stories open the door to life and design. Imagine everything that happens in “life” and how these things stack upon one another. It may be something simple, an unforgettable phrase, a thought-provoking book, a song, a movie, or a partnership...When all these big and small matters come together, they “Stack”. We continue to explore design in everyday life. We engage in independent thinking, careful analysis, raise questions, propose hypotheses, converse with each other, and allow countless traces to stack together. We train our minds to think constantly and keep building up all those different moments. All these footprints and ordinary stories layered upon each other open the door to life and design the spirit of growth continues to stack and accumulate...

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