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作品名稱 Title:美人香膏 尺寸 Dimension: 內容物:42x18x2.8mm 包裝:10x5x3mm 媒材 Medium: 包裝:雅紋紙 / 內容物:東方美人茶香膏 作品介紹 Description: 將台灣特有茶葉「東方美人茶」的香味製成香膏,使受眾運用嗅覺的方式體會台灣獨有的味道。並將東方美人茶葉擬人化為現代OL與傳統台灣女性,運用至茶葉上蓋的視覺中。 Beauty Balm: The scent of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, a special kind of tea originating in Taiwan, is used to make it into balms. The viewers can experience the unique taste of Taiwan through smell. Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is personalized as modern office ladies and traditional Taiwanese women, and the figures are applied to the teacup lid.