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「賽鴿笭」是台灣嘉南地區農村延續近200年卻即將失傳的民俗活動,是將不同尺寸的鴿笭,綁在鴿子尾翅無神經處的負重比賽。我們發現到2018年鹽水區公所向文化局爭取經費,要將台糖倉庫轉型成鴿笭文教館。未來期望本專案的品牌設計與識別能與文教館合作,以賽鴿笭三大精神「趣味、聯誼、保育」為切入點,並替傳統文化賦予鮮豔色彩,推廣並吸引更多年輕族群。簍空禮盒為起飛前的開籠儀式轉化而成,內部內容物如下:(1)競賽式可飛行互動模型 (2)3D小鴿笭 (3)刊物-記載傳統文化及歷史發展,使其延續傳承(4)周邊設計 “Pigeon Whistle” is a cultural practice in the rural area of Jianan, Taiwan. which is the act of tying different-sized whistles on the back of the tails of pigeons in a painless position. It’s referred to as a weight-bearing competition. Also, it has been passed down for 200 years, but nowadays it’s almost gone. We found the fact that the Yanshui District Office hoped to raise funds from Cultural Affairs Bureau for transforming the Taiwan Sugar Warehouse into a Cultural & Education building in 2018. The future expectation for this fact is cooperation with the Cultural and Educational Center with brand design and identity of the project. The aim of the marketing for “Pigeon Whistle” project is to promote the slogan as “Fun, Friendship and Conservation” to try to make the culture colorful and attractive to younger generations to increase participation. Hollow gift boxes are identified as gifts for the cage-opening ceremony of the event. They contain the following: (1) Flying machines designed for competitions (2) Small 3D pigeon key rings (3) Journals about traditional culture and historical development, so that the culture can be continued (4) Accessories