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「嶼浪之間,其道萬千,身心不二,萬化冥合。」嶼者,島也。潮起潮落,在海浪擊打嶼岸時,改變的除了地形樣貌,還能改變什麼?我們將專題命名為「嶼言學」,透過我們的觀察、訪談、親身走訪,替這塊島嶼發聲;透過我們的專題,讓更多的善意發生。在系列性文獻蒐集、訪談、田野調查後,將其資料系統、歸納化,並轉為資訊設計圖表。同時在研讀「易經」文本後,將其六十四卦配套一種海洋相關資訊,最終得出一套實驗刊物組。主要目的是讓受眾能接收到海洋相關資訊、誘發受眾思考、身心不二,反求諸己:觀看、吸收、內化、行動。 “Between the islands and waves, there are thousands of ways. When your mind and body become one, the universe is in harmony.” Speak up for this island through our observation, interviews, and personal visits. Inspire more kindness through our design. After a series of literature collection, interviews, and field studies, we systematically summed up the data, and converted them into infographics. Then, combining with the concept of The Book of Change, there are sixty-four pieces of marine information which correspond to the sixty-four diagrams. We created an experimental magazine; That is “Yu Yan Xue (Voice of the island)” We want to make the audiences receive the marine information, think deeply, and change their minds from the inside out. What’s more, we want to help them Try to find the way back to the ocean, and create their own language of the island.