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你夢見電子羊了嗎 Do You Dream of Electric Sheep?

陳依純 Chen, I-Chun

2016,裝置與新媒體 New Media and Installation,10' 藝術家陳依純擅以錄像、動畫、油畫與複合媒材創作,她的作品關注現代社會發展下的工業與社會階級等議題。作品〈你夢見電子羊了嗎〉,描述一個人人只想當白領階級的世界。由於沒有人想當藍領勞工,政府只能透過引進勞工機器人,讓世界正常運轉,最後,因為石油危機,機器人躁動發起抗爭,人類因自相殘殺而滅絕,外星人則來到地球進行研究,發現了這一場導致人類滅亡的階級戰爭。陳依純以影像與繪畫的方式,呈現一段科幻故事,試圖喚起人們對世界的美好想像,人人擁有平等的尊嚴和存在的價值,以及能夠無所畏懼的存在和呼吸。 CHEN I-Chun is skilled in combining materials from video recordings, animation, and oil painting to create works that focus on issues related to industrialization and class in social development. Do You Dream of Electric Sheep? is an artwork depicting a world where everyone strives to enter the white-collared society. Given the lack of blue-collared laborers, the government had no choice but to introduce work robots to ensure that the world remains operational. However, the oil crisis, robot rebellion, and civil war eventually drove the human race to extinction. Aliens from another planet eventually arrived on Earth to conduct research about the class warfare that wiped out the human race. CHEN I-Chun uses both videos and paintings to present a science fiction story to narrate great possibilities that could be achieved in this world, where everyone shares equal rights, dignity, and value to their existence, and where people can live free without fear.