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潰散的集合 Collapse

蔡士弘 Tsai, Shih-Hung

2015,壓克力畫 Acrylic Painting,101.5 x 101.5 x 6 cm、101.6 x 101.6 x 5.5 cm 藝術家蔡士弘的繪畫作品,以末日戰爭的意象,建造出一個被建立卻也同時被瓦解的神話帝國。作品〈潰散的集合〉,組構一個虛擬化的偽帝國,帝國內有我們熟悉的自由女神像,還有整齊排列、行進中的軍人隊伍,如同煙火的彩色砲彈,或是焦黑的煙霧,在空中瀰漫四射,陰暗的天空與大地呈現出荒蕪冰冷的毀滅氣息。蔡士弘創造出穿梭於現實與想像之間的戰事圖像,同時也宣告我們在觀看這些事件時是無感的,時間的堆砌也讓一切成為沒有情感的遺跡。 TSAI Shih-Hung’s Collapse depicts an end-of-day battle, establishing a mythical empire that was built and dismantled at the same time. The virtual and artificial empire includes the Statue of Liberty that we are familiar with, neat formations of marching soldiers, colored bombs that appear like fireworks and dense, black smoke that billow and spread throughout the composition. The dark skies and lands exhibit a sense of desolation and destruction. TSAI Shih-Hung established images of battles that involve both reality and fantasy, while declaring that the viewers would largely feel detached from these events. The passage of time will also reduce everything into an emotionless ruin.