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星期天下午三點鐘 Sunday 3PM

黃海欣 Huang, Hai-Hsin

2011,油畫 Oil Painting,105 x 127.5 x 5 cm 藝術家黃海欣的創作刻劃出一種當代日常生活中的怪誕狀態,在她創造的圖像背後,隱藏著社會中各種偏離、刻板的怪異價值。作品〈星期天下午三點鐘〉,描繪著一個有著大型人造水池的場景,水池中的石頭上,站立著一位訓練師,似乎正在指揮水池內的海獅,海獅們則在受控中賣力地表演著,以便取悅周圍的人類。這個看似尋常普通的場景,卻潛藏著人類行徑的荒謬,以及人類心裡的寂寞與不安。黃海欣的繪畫創作,以不同視角詮釋當代人內在與心理意識的狀態,看似荒誕卻又非常真實。 HUANG Hai-Hsin’s artwork portrays oddities of modern, everyday life, and hides various deviant and oddly stereotypical values of society in an attempt to emphasize the meaningless nature of life in an era of comfort. Sunday 3PM depicts a large artificial pool. A coach stands atop a rock in the middle of the pool and seems to be ordering sea lions. The sea lions, on the other hand, are doing their best to impress the crowd with their performance routines. This seemingly ordinary scenery hides the ludicrous nature of human behavior as well as the loneliness and insecurities within people’s hearts. HUANG Hai-Hsin’s works provide a nonsensical yet realistic portrayal that interprets the state of inner and psychological consciousness of people living in modern times.