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霓虹的盡頭 The End of the Rainbow

王亮尹 Wang, Liang-Yin

2018,壓克力畫 Acrylic Painting,182 x 196 x 6.5 cm 藝術家王亮尹的創作軌跡以物質刺激出發,常常在作品中融合現實物質跟夢境空間,藉此捕捉動物性與精神性共振擺盪的片刻。作品〈霓虹的盡頭〉中,灰暗深沉的天空籠罩整個畫面,產生詭譎壓迫的氣氛,黑色下方紅與藍的對比,交織成奇幻的空間。一座華麗的旋轉木馬,有獅子、老虎、老鷹和北極熊等各種動物,歡樂的遊樂設施在這樣的場景裡,彷彿將動物們和美好事物都困在牢籠,美麗與危險並存的畫面也呼應了主題「霓虹的盡頭」。王亮尹擅長使用壓克力顏料的特性,畫出一層層堆疊的色彩,在這些冷暖色調的安排,讓觀眾反思內在精神的慾望所在。 WANG Liang-Yin is inspired by the substantial stimulation, she fuses reality and substances with dreams to capture the moment when animality and spirituality resonate. In the piece The End of the Rainbow, the dark gray sky takes up the image and forms the treacherous oppression, the red and blue contrast beneath the black interweaving this absurd space. A gorgeous carousel with various animals such as lion, tiger, eagle, and polar bear, the joyful carousel seems to trap animals and beautiful things in a cage. The coexistence of beauty and danger echoes the title, "The End of the Rainbow". WANG Liang-Yin applies the feature of acrylic paints, stacks layers of color in artistic order, and triggers viewers to examine their inner spiritual desire.