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投降後的消毒作業 Sterilization after Surrender

蔡士弘 Tsai, Shih-Hung

2013,複合媒材 Mix Media,101.6 x 101.6 x 5.7 cm x 2p 藝術家蔡士弘從時下流行的電腦遊戲中汲取創作靈感,以手工繪畫仿製數位繪圖的質感。系列作品中,他創造一個未宣布獨立的神話帝國,作品〈投降後的消毒作業〉,筆直線條的瞭望台,在日夜交匯的暮光之下,預告著即將要發生的事件。右邊的機場上,一架半墜毀的戰機躺著,隱現的白旗幟、塵霧瀰漫的現場,以及全副武裝、整齊劃一的作業軍人,既像史詩卻又虛假荒謬。 二幅畫作的並峙表現出現實疏離的冷漠敘事,仿若戰爭電玩的動畫,顯現數位時代中虛擬而冰冷的真實。 TSAI Shih-Hong drew his inspiration for this piece from a popular computer game, imitating its graphical textures through handmade painting. In this series, he creates a fictional empire that hasn’t yet declared independence. His painting Sterilization after Surrender shows an observation tower composed of angular lines, keeping watch on events unfolding in the twilight hour. In the right-hand panel, a damaged fighter plane lies on an airfield. A barely visible white banner, the misty scene, and armed, uniformed military personnel are like an epic poem, yet at the same time are artificial and absurd. The juxtaposition of the two paintings narrates a cold detachment from reality, like the animation in a computer war game, revealing the cold virtual reality of this digital age.