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白旗軍 White Flag Army

蔡士弘 Tsai, Shih-Hung

2013,複合媒材 Mix Media,Ø70 x 2.8 cm, Ø100 x 2.8 cm 藝術家蔡士弘從時下流行的線上策略遊戲中汲取創作靈感,並以手工繪畫仿製數位繪圖的質感。 作品〈白旗軍〉,左幅的山壁下,一支繫著白色串旗的筆直旗桿,立在詭異的暮色之下;右幅的訓練場上,正在進行閱兵式,女兵們整齊畫一地邁著步伐,沒有透視法的遠近大小之差,人物就像數位程序的複製與貼上。畫面中幾個不合時宜的閃光,與某面閃著金色的旗幟,表現出既莊嚴緊張卻又虛假荒謬的諷刺。 二幅圓形畫作的並峙,就像是透過望遠鏡的窺看,具有敘事性的隱喻,指向著數位時代中,人們虛擬而冰冷的現實。 TSAI Shih-Hong drew his inspiration for this piece from a popular computer game, imitating its graphical textures through handmade painting. In White Flag Army, the image on the left shows an upright pole by a cliff in a strange twilight, holding up strings of white flags. The picture on the right shows a training ground with female soldiers marching in formation. The figures show no size differences due to perspective; it’s as if they were cut and pasted digitally. The scenes include incongruous flashes of light and a flickering golden flag, conveying solemn tension and absurd irony. The juxtaposition of these two round paintings is like looking through binoculars; the narrative metaphor of the pictures points to the cold virtual reality of this digital age.