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愛與憂 Love and Sorrow

林宏信 Lin, Hung-Hsin

2016,油畫 Oil Painting,210.5 x 182.5 x 3.5 cm 藝術家林宏信將大量的影像處理效果融入於繪畫之中,揉合虛擬、數位的影像語彙,試圖裂解影像與繪畫之間的邊界,呈現當代人面對數位虛擬與真實世界中分裂的內在心理狀態。作品〈愛與憂〉在漆黑無光的背景中,描繪雙眼微閉,臉部慘白無任何血色的面孔。面孔周遭伸出各種帶有鮮豔色彩的手掌包圍,並以橫向類似雜訊干擾的方式表現。單色調的人物與鮮豔跳動的環境背景不協調地並存,局部扭曲變形的線條不斷切割與裂解彼此,也矛盾的串聯著。林宏信的「寫實」並非真實物件的再現,而是虛擬影像的擬仿,類比著虛擬化、超越真實體驗的當代生活。 LIN Hung-Hsin applies digital image processing effects to his painting, using virtual and digital discourses, trying to crack down the boundary between video and painting, and reveals the dissociation of mental state in facing the disharmony of virtual and real worlds. In Love and Sorrow, the pale figure in the darkness closes his eyes slightly. His visage is surrounded by palms in many colors, the noise interrupts the image horizontally, figure in the monochrome co-exists with vivid the surroundings and background in discord, lines are partially distorted, splitting and connecting paradoxically. Realism to LIN Hung-Hsin is not the reproduction of actual objects, but the imitation to the virtual image, analog virtualization and the transcendental modern life experience.