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娃娃兵 I Baby soldier I

黃贊倫 Huang, Zan-Lun

2016,複合媒材 Mix Media,87.5 x 88 x 4.7 cm 藝術家黃贊倫以機械結合人體或動物成為混種生物,藉此探討未來科技與人類實存價值的相互關係。作品〈娃娃兵 I〉繪製孩童的頭部肖像,在稚嫩無表情的面容之下其實是機械零件構成,頸部以素描方式呈現金屬質地的骨骼結構。黃贊倫思索關於未來,面對日新月異的科技,人類與機械的界限越趨模糊,我們該如何去進行對於未知的想像與押注,並置虛擬與真實,讓未來與現今交會,提出為何機器要做成「人」的樣貌等疑問,是否「機器人」的存在是對人類某種層次上的模仿? To explore the relationship between future technology and human existence, HUANG Zan-Lun creates hybrids of humans or animals in mechanical forms. In Baby Soldier I, a portrait of a child's head is drawn. The immature expressionless face is composed of mechanical parts. The neck shows the skeleton structure of metal texture in a sketched way. HUANG Zan-Lun thinks about the future: In the face of technology, the boundaries between humans and machines are becoming more and more blurred. How should people go about imagining and betting on the unknown, juxtaposing virtual and real, letting the future meet the present? The artist proposes why robots should be made in the appearance of "humans." Is the existence of "robots" imitating humans at some level?