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許芳菱、王乃可 - Xu,Fang-Ling, Wang,Nai-Ko

國際預防接種證明書是世界認可的預防接種證明書,又稱為黃皮書。考慮到未來與病毒共存的情況下,人們出國也逐漸開放,「Yes,Lord」結合黃皮書、隔離須知、全球疫情動態及隔離天數提醒等功能,app宗旨希望在未來與疫情共存的人們能安心跨越國境。 - The International Implementation Certificate is a world-recognized preventive implementation certificate, also known as the Yellow Book. Considering the coexistence with the virus in the future, it is also generally open for people to go abroad, 「Yes, Lord」Combined with functions such as combined paper, quarantine and notices, and digital reminders of global epidemic dynamic isolation,The app's anticipation of coexisting with the outbreak in the future can help borders.