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接下來要去哪 - Where to go next


大葉大學 視覺傳達設計學系

對就讀大四的我們而言,最大的變革即是時光加速迎面而來的畢業。將對未來的期待、焦慮與種種思緒濃縮成- 接下來要去哪,同時也是每個人自問的,現在該做什麼、畢業後要做什麼?對未知的探詢與迷茫。 將這時期當成一種『旅程』,以此作為主題,將「現在」與「未來」作連結,紀錄當下的期許與迷茫,酸甜與苦澀。 For those of us who are in our senior year, the biggest change is the oncoming graduation as time accelerates. Condensing expectations, anxieties and thoughts about the future into - where to go next, it is also what everyone asks themselves, what should I do now, what will I do after graduation? Inquiry and confusion about the unknown. Treat this period as a kind of "journey" and use it as the theme to connect "now" and "future", and record the current expectations and confusion, ups and downs and bitterness.

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