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《牡蠣間》Oystering Room

22.食事提案(丹尼爾.費南多.巴斯克瓦 & 阿隆.夏貝) Cooking Sections (Daniel FERNÁNDEZ PASCUAL & Alon SCHWABE)

實地星球 Planet Terrestrial 接近實地:臨界區 Approaching the Terrestrial: Critical Zone 2020 蚵殼水磨石表面、雕刻床,尺寸視空間而定 Oyster shell terrazzo surface with sculptural beds, dimensions variable 特別感謝:王昭湄、李儷倩、古都再生保存文教基金會、丁振宇(功宇工程行)、東曜生技、C-HUB成大創意基地、Jesse Connuck、Matthew Darmour-Paul、Tonderai Maboreke、Chi-Jen Wang、Rosa Whiteley Special Thanks to: Chao-Mei Wang, Li-Chien Lee, Foundation Historic City Conservation and Regeneration, Cheng-Yu Ding (Gongyu Construction Service Co.), Dongyao Biotechnology, C-Hub NCKU, Jesse Connuck, Matthew Darmour-Paul, Tonderai Maboreke, Chi-Jen Wang, Rosa Whiteley 計畫支持:歌德學院(台北)德國文化中心 Supported by Goethe-Institut Taipei