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《建築的鬼田》The Ghost Acres of Architecture

7.MILLIONS建築工作室(澤娜.柯瑞騰&約翰.梅);基爾.莫+彼得.奧斯伯恩 MILLIØNS (Zeina KOREITEM & John MAY) with Kiel MOE and Peter OSBORNE

全球化星球 Planet Globalization 2020 裝置,尺寸視空間而定 Installation, dimensions variable 團隊成員|Team:Zeina Koreitem & John May (principals), Alex Yueyan Li, Jacqueline Wong, Sam Kaufman, Wendy Guerrero, and Samantha Vasseur. (MILLIØNS, Los Angeles) 協同合作|Collaborator:Kiel Moe (Sheff Professor of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal), Peter Osborne (McGill University, Montreal) and Remy Fortin (McGill University, Montreal)