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齊山努波・浦雷弗拉齊庫 Chisanuphol PRESANVORAKITKOOL

評審團特別獎 國籍:泰國 製作年代:2020 版種:木刻印於阿波和紙上 尺寸:140 x 117 cm 創作自述: 我揉合了各種不同的文化與靈性思想中的象徵符碼來構成視覺表現。我的作品引進了一種特定的聚集形式,一個中介狀態─信仰與科學、發現與遺忘、解放與禁錮。影像裡有著熟悉的面孔但是情境奇特。構圖同時帶來和諧、秩序與混沌等種種混合感受。我的作品往往彰顯出這些特性,邀請觀者看見當所有矛盾同時出現在單一平臺裡而變得合理的自然狀態,期待激盪出對於結果乃至超越結果的討論,而最重要的見證人還有受影響的都只是人類,而非自然。 Special Jury Prize Nationality:Thailand Year of Production:2020 Technique or Medium:Wood engraving on Awagami paper Size:140 x 117 cm Artist Statement: I have been formulated a visual expression which combines symbols from various cultures and spiritualities. My work introduces a specific form of gathering, a state of in-between, faith and science, discoveries and amnesia, liberation and imprisonment. The image contains familiar faces but in rather strange context. The composition gives a sense of harmony, order, and chaos all combined. My work usually highlights these characteristics to invite the viewers to see a state of nature, where all inconsistencies can make sense in a single platform, in hope the discussion will circulate and go further across the consequences, and the greatest witness and affected are merely humans, not nature.