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〈煙霧中〉In the Smoke

李迪權 LEE Tek-Khean

銅牌獎 國籍:馬來西亞 製作年代:2020 版種:凸版 尺寸:90 x 140 cm 創作自述: 近代歷史上木刻版畫一直與現實社會保持密切關係,社會運動、民主運動、政治改革場景都能看到木刻版畫的足跡。1930年代,作家魯迅成立木刻工作室,視木刻版畫為批判現實、反映底層人民生活的工具。 中國抗日戰爭時期,木刻運動路線轉趨激進。當時物資貧乏,油畫顏料和宣紙都得來不易,木刻所用的木塊和刀卻容易取得,是極其方便的一種藝術媒介,成為共產黨在抗戰時期有效的宣傳工具。 左翼藝術家利用木刻圖像產生的戲劇張力和及時的印刷速度來陳述自身的政治理念。 2020,我以左派木刻的概念,紀錄香港發生的逆權運動。 Bronze Prize Nationality:Malaysia Year of Production:2020 Technique or Medium:Relief print Size:90 x 140 cm Artist Statement: Woodcut printing has always maintained a close relationship with societies in contemporary history, with civic campaigns, democratic movements and political reforms all leaving their footprints through this medium. In the 1930s, writer LU Xun set up a woodcut workshop and viewed it as a tool for critiquing realities and reflecting lives at the bottom social echelon. During the war in China against Japanese invasion, woodcut as a movement turned radical. Oil paint and xuan paper were scarce due to material shortages, but woodblocks and carving knives used for woodcut were easy to obtain; this convenient artistic medium became an effective propaganda tool for the Communist Party during the war times. Leftist artists leverage the dramatic tension created by woodcut images and its rapid printing speed to express their political ideals. In 2020, I now document the anti-regime movement taking place in Hong Kong using the leftist woodcut concept.