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〈船〉The Boat

亨利克・克羅利科夫斯基 Henryk KROLIKOWSKI

銀牌獎 國籍:波蘭 製作年代:2020 版種:橡膠版 尺寸:65 x 150 cm 創作自述: 我認為創作時有三個重要的視角。 人:我把人當作一種有機物的形式。這種有機性決定的不只是本體的形態發展,也影響到周遭環境與整體構成。 大自然:大自然為我的作品帶來重要的啟發。亞理斯多德認為在古時候,「自然」這個字同時囊括了物質與其本質-一種內心可以感受到的力量。 文化:在人類社會的悠長歷史中累積了一定的物質與心靈元素。我認為文化的地平線是人造的物件。這些形態在我的作品裡以形式的元素加以呈現。 Silver Prize Nationality:Poland Year of Production:2020 Technique or Medium:Linocut Size:65 x 150 cm Artist Statement: Three different perspectives are important to me in creative work. The Human: I treat a human as a form of organic matter. This organicity determines not only the development of the shape of the same form, but it affects the environment, and the entire composition. The Nature: Nature is an important inspiration in my work. Reaching to antiquity, according to Aristotle, the word “nature” refers both to material things, as well as to its essence, the force perceptible with mind. The Culture: During the long history of societies, certain material and mental acquits has been accumulated. For me, culture horizon are man-made objects. Such shapes appear in my compositions as elements of the form.