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〈窗景〉A View From the Window

迪米特里耶・佩奇克 Dimitrije PECIĆ

佳作 國籍:塞爾維亞 製作年代:2019 版種:木刻 尺寸:122 x 85 cm 創作自述: 本次提交參賽的木刻版畫,靈感來自對於城市地景中一個視覺片段的反思。視覺片段的重要性,來自於它會啟動一些視覺力量,與我們的視野建立關係,並同時在視覺作品的構圖中產生關係。視覺片段本身,只是即將被啟動的過程背後的誘發動力或先決條件。 Honorable Mention Nationality: Serbia Year of Production:2019 Technique or Medium:Woodcut Size:122 x 85 cm Artist Statement: The woodcut prints that I am submitting for this competition have been inspired by the contemplation of a certain visual fragment of the cityscape. The significance of a visual fragment lies in the fact that it sets in motion visual forces and establishes relations within our field of vision, at the same time generating relations within the composition of a visual work. The visual fragment acts only as an impetus or precondition for the process to be set in motion.