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〈東方顏色的力量 No.4〉The Power of the Eastern Color No.4

瓦里莎拉・亞皮桑賓翁 Warisara APISAMPINWONG

佳作 國籍:泰國 製作年代:2020 版種:木刻 尺寸:85 x 150 cm 創作自述: 泰國華僑的常民文化,配合傳統節慶時充滿象徵性的藝文表現,再加上中式佛寺的色彩和建築設計,在在反映出泰國華僑的文化自明性。從祖先傳承到我這一代的文化資產及文化融合,所呈現出的意象在創作之初為我帶來啟示。不同傳統交融後展現的魅力,以及兩個民族族群同處所產生的特質,在異文化結合後交匯、重疊衍生出精彩的多樣性。中國傳統制瓷技術之精煉舉世聞名,中國瓷器的古彩含白、黃、黑、紅和靛青等五色,洋溢著使泰人為之傾倒的古典美。 Honorable Mention Nationality:Thailand Year of Production:2020 Technique or Medium:Woodcut Size:85 x 150 cm Artist Statement: Regarding the way of life of Chinese-Thai descent people combined with symbolic forms of art and culture expressed in the traditional celebration, as well as colors and architectural designs in the Chinese Buddhist place, they reflect the cultural identity of Thai-Chinese. Cultural heritages inherited from ancestors to my generation and the overlapping of culture is the point of inspiration in the beginning of creativity caused by the impression. The charm of the combination of traditions, culture, and the co-living circumstance of the two ethnic groups result in a society overlap with the diversity of two cultures combined together. As we obviously see the exquisite skill of Chinese porcelain manufacturing since the past, the Chinese porcelain consists of 5 types of ancient Chinese colors, including white, yellow, black, red and green (indigo), attracting Thai people to see the classic.