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〈空氣建築計畫(第二階段)〉Project for an Architecture of Air (Stage 2)

奧倫多・馬第尼斯・維斯加 Orlando MARTINEZ VESGA

優選獎 國籍:哥倫比亞 製作年代:2019 版種:木刻 Woodcut 尺寸:126 x 122 cm 創作自述 : 「如果不相信奇蹟,就不夠實際。」 -大衛‧本‧古里昂 在我的作品當中,也許能辨識出猶如記憶之一部分的情境,但也存在著某些出乎意料的面向,例如漂浮在空中抓住他者的人物,畫框 框著凝望我們的陌生人,跳著、吐著、尿著、飛著、旋轉著而樂在其中的男孩。我偏好把對與錯平行呈現,將其體現在作品中。作品應用了我在都市環境的探索經驗與住家近郊的在地參照。藉此,試圖提出一種存在可辨識的與荒謬的影像之間、政治正確與打破規則之間的不安平衡,暗示著某些可能發生的情況。 Merit Prize Nationality: Colombia Year of Production:2019 Technique or Medium:Woodcut Size:126 x 122 cm Artist Statement: Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist. - David Ben-Gurion. In my work, it is possible to recognize some situations as if they were memories, but there are also certain unexpected aspects: A character that floats in the air and holds others, a frame that frames the portrait of a stranger who looks at us, boys jumping for the pleasure of jumping, doing piss, vomiting, flying, spinning. I put in evidence my preference for presenting in parallel what is wrong and what is right. I use the experience of studying urban environments and some local references from the countryside near the place I live in. This way, I propose a precarious balance in the image between what can be recognized and what is absurd, what is politically correct against what goes out of the rules. My work implies a commitment to suggest certain circumstances that arise as a possibility.